Tuesday, 5 July 2011

Hello and goodbye.....

As you will all now by know we have always had a little bit of a thing for Vintage Ercol here at HQ. Just as we say goodbye to one delightful piece another one arrives to take its place in our hearts.

Our latest "house guest" is a rather wonderful Ercol elm and beech Studio Couch which we will be lovingly restoring over the summer. At the moment she is reminiscent of an ageing Hollywood Starlet - all the right bits are there but she's not as fresh faced as she used to be! Fear not though, a little light cosmetic work will see her back on top bill.

Keep your eyes peeled for developments over the coming months as we get her refinished, retrimmed and reupholstered - the big question is what colour will her new frock be?!?

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